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All the students:

  You are good! Very honored to the rostrum, express their desire for a long time. My number is 16 XXX seven snow, today was squad leader of the campaign office, Ma, only ran a thousand miles, we can know whether the horses; people, only through competition, to know whether it is a pillar, I'm very glad to stand here to participate in the campaign.

  Napoleon said, when the generals do not want the soldiers not a good soldier. I think I should not only be the general, but also to do a good, successful, as you can, for the interests of the general classes, namely class committee heads -- monitor. Although I am in the school of liberal arts, but I have a sincere love of mathematics, so today I campaign speech is in a mathematical form of.

  First of all, I give you a proof, known to have N (N > 2) student campaign the class monitor, verify: Seven Snow is your best choice.

  A seven argument: the snow has the rich work experience and knowledge of the team, from junior high school, high school I always served as a squad leader, Secretary of labor: the school Youth League cadres, members, such as overall planning office. In six years of work, I open the horizons, but also accumulated many experiences and lessons learned in interaction with others, in the future, it will serve as a mirror of witnessing the success and failure of my work, I have the honour to be chosen as a member of the Communist Youth League school three years ago, after I continuous efforts, quickly became Secretary of the school's Deli assistant, a lesson on another hall League for activists have the school, study a chapter and a chapter of the constitution, although it has become the past, but it left me a fortune eternal - passion, no matter do something, however difficult things, I will try my best to finish, put. Even if one day, I had failed, I will not regret it, because I did my best.

  Proof two: Seven Snow have surefoooted working attitude and selfless dedication spirit. Since six years, in my heart, the class cadre in the most important thing is to have a sense of responsibility, as a class cadre is not from vanity, students will be in the hands of a sacred vote for you that moment, you are doomed to be for you, this is your classmates trust your return. So the dedication service for the students to become students basic principles of my mind, and it is also the starting point of my work.

  Proof three: Seven Snow stood a good monitor's shoulders and have a lot of supporters are very good. One month into University, Communist Youth League branch secretary... Classmates due diligence at work to do now, the class of the work of the team is a good start, this is the chance for me is the pressure, more power, I will be in the starting point of a higher more hard work, create a new situation, on the other hand, I have many of the best supporters and entered the University, I am glad that I met three of the best roommate, in preparation for the election process, they gave me a lot of help, but at the same time, I also have a group of the best students, is common to all of you as I took to the podium only is all capital.

  Today I give everybody only a rough proof, the detailed proof will be conducted on each day of the future, so today I come to the conclusion that the seven snow is your best choice. I know, more splendid is the only words of wisdom and passion of the moment, simple action is open in the flowers on the road to success. If I am elected in a certain word, and deed. Is the gold will shine. We hope the above said, have to let you know more about me, and hope you will support me, I voted for you the most sincere vote. Finally, thank you again for giving me this precious opportunity, thank the students of my support and encouragement.

各位同学们 :

  你们好! 很荣幸能登上讲台,表达自己由来已久的愿望。我是16号XXX七风雪,今天竞选的是班长这个职务,马,只有跑过千里,才能知其是否为良驹;人,只有通过竞争,才能知其是否为栋梁,我很高兴能站在这里参加竞选。



  论证一:七风雪拥有丰富的工作经验和团队知识,从初中,高中我一直担任着:班长,团支书,劳动委员,校团委干部等统筹规划的职务。 在六年的工作中,我开阔了视野,同时也在为人处世方面积累了众多的经验和教训,在今后的工作中,它将作为一面镜子见证着我的工作的成与败,三年前我荣幸被选为校团委的成员中,经过我不断的努力,很快就成了校团委书记的得利助手,为该校的入团积极分子们上了一堂又一堂的团课,学了一章又一章的团章,虽然这已经成为过去,但它却留给我一笔永恒的财富—激情,无论做什么事情,无论事情有多难,我都会尽全力去完成,全心投入。即使有一天,我失败了,我也决不后悔,因为我尽力了。

  论证二:七风雪拥有踏实的工作态度和无私的奉献精神。 六年以来,在我的心里,班干部最重要的就是要有责任心,身为班干部并不是虚荣,从同学们将手中的神圣一票投给你的那一刻起,你就注定要为大家服务,这是你对同学们信任你的回报,于是全心全意为同学服务成为了我心目中学生干部的基本原则,也是我工作的出发点。

  论证三:七风雪站在一位优秀班长的肩膀上并且拥有一许多非常好的支持者。 在进入大学的一个月里,团支书…同学在工作上尽职尽现,班里的团队工作有了一个良好的开端,这对我来说是机会,是压力,更是动力,我将在一个较高的起点上更加努力工作,开创新局面,在另一方面,我拥有许多最好的支持者,进入大学,我很庆幸自己遇上了三个最好的室友,在竞选的准备过程中,她们给了我很大的帮助,而同时,我也拥有一批最好的同学,是你们共同成为我今天走上讲台的唯一也是全部资本。

  今天我给大家的只是一个粗略的证明,详细的证明将在未来的每一个日子展开,所以今天我得出的结论就是七风雪是你们最好的选择。我知道,再多灿烂的话语也只不过是一瞬间的智慧与激情,朴实的行动才是开在成功之路上的鲜花。如果我当选的话一定言必信,行必果. 是金子总要发光的。希望以上所说,能让大家对我有更多了解,也希望各位同学能够支持我,请为我投上你最诚挚的一票。 最后,再次感谢各位给我这个难得的机会,感谢同学们对我的支持和鼓励。


beloved teacher, dear partners :

  hello everyone! i called ***, the first time today i stand on the rostrum speech, and speech is the first election monitor, at this time i am excited, but also very nervous. it is a squad many students looking for jobs, the need for a capable and caring people to play, i believe i have the ability. i-12 has been a leader, we are not continue to give me this opportunity? let me childhood diary for the whole class to stay in the unparalleled service fond memories! i warm and cheerful, loving the collective unity of the students, with love. i despise the disadvantage of poor students, not like other people's advice to me in the days to come, i will remove these defects.

  if i win the election on the head when, i will use the exuberant energy, a clear mind to do this work, i will organize a series of activities such as reading, speech, etc., and of course i do not many more. i think we should have it as a doer, not those beautiful words to describe. if i had lost that i still have many shortcomings, i will continue to self-improvement.

  tempering my work, i created a living. dell carnegie said, should not be afraid of selling their own, as long as you believe that you have the talent, you should consider themselves eligible for promotion was this or that job.

  students, and trust me, support me, please vote for me, thank you!