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  Section A:

  1.B Use a ladder to help her reach the tea.

  2. D Outside an gallery art.

  3.D New students usually cannot offer a fair evaluation.

  4.C Doris fixed up some of the bookshelves.

  5.D He has found a better position.

  6.A They should finish the book as soon as possible.

  7.D The furniture the man bought is inexpensive.

  8.B The woman is waiting for the call.

  9. A She had a job interview to attend

  10. C Submit her roommates assignment

  11. A Where Dr. Elliss office is located

  12. C He can handle it quite well

  13. B The 6:30 one

  14. C The time on the train is enjoyable

  15. A Reading newspapers.

  16. D Get key information by reading just once or twice

  17. A Choose ones own system of marking

  18. B By reviewing only the marked parts.

  19. D Everybody needs some sleep for survival.

  20. C It is a rare exception

  21. B His mothers injury just before his birth.

  22. C She developed a strong interest in finance

  23. D She inherited a big fortune from her father

  24. A She was extremely mean with her money

  25. B She built a hospital with her mothers money

  Section C: 复合式听写:

  26. identical

  27. approach

  28. back and forth

  29. opposite

  30. indicates

  31. referring to

  32. parallel to

  33. reserved

  34. at the right angle

  35. embarrassing



  36 I melted

  37 G line

  38 A appealing

  39 k ranging

  40 D dramatic

  41 F impact

  42.N sensible

  43.B average

  44.J persist

  45.L recently


  36.C declining

  37.E difficult

  38.D derived

  39.L refine

  40.J growth

  41.M reserves

  42.I feasible

  43.G economically

  44.k option

  45.O steps


  The End of the Book

  46. C

  47. N

  48. J

  49. H

  50. A

  51. K

  52. N

  53. H

  54. A

  55. M


  56. B The humanities and STEM subjects should be given equal importance.

  57. D Their chances of getting a good job.

  58. A They benefit students in their future life.

  59. D Those who have received a well-rounded education.

  60. C Prepare themselves for different job options.

  61. A It sounds very attractive.

  62. D They cause serious damage to the environment.

  63. C It wants to keep its own environment intact.

  64. B It improves economic efficiency.

  65. A To justify Americas dependence on oil imports.



  56 C they feel obliged to take care of their kids at home

  57 B it does not consider its economic impact on graduates

  58 A it is different for male and female students

  59 D they don’t perform as well as they did in high school

  60 A women are too worn out to be ambitious

  61 B few of them are equal to their positions.

  62 A they believe they have natural gift to lead

  63 D being able to assess the situation carefully before taking charge

  64 B they become impatient and rude

  65 C build up a strong team to achieve their goals.


  教育公平,中国投入360亿元,用于改善农村地区教育设施和加强中西部农村义务教育(compulsory education )。这些基金用于改善教学设施,购买书籍,使116万多所中小学受益。资金还用于购置音乐和绘画器材,现在农村和山区的儿童可以与沿海城市的儿童一样上音乐和绘画课。一些为接受更好教育而转往城市上学的学生如今又回到本地农村学校就读。

  In order to promote the justice in education, China has already invested 36 billion RMB, which is used to enhance the teaching facilities of the countryside and compulsory education of rural area of mid-west. These funds can be used to improve the teaching aids and to purchase books, benefiting 16,000 middle schools and primary schools. Furthermore, these funds can also be used to purchase instrument for music and paintings. Nowadays, children from countryside and mountain areas can enjoy music class and painting class like the children in coastal areas do. Some students who were previously transferred to cities for better education now return to local areas to study.




  China should develop the energy of nuclear more, for nuclear power only accounts for 2% of the gross electrical power output, which makes China the least, the 30th,in the list of countries which own nuclear power.

  After the Japan’s accidents in March 2011, the exploration of nuclear power has been suspended, including halting the examining and approving new nuclear power stations as well as safety inspection of all the nuclear stations in the country. The approval didn’t recover until October, 2012.

  With the improvement of technology and safety arrangement, the possibilities of nuclear accidents could be reduced to the minimum degree. That is to say, nuclear power could be developed and utilized without accidents.


  Chinese educators have already realized the significance of reading for a nation. Some workers suggested that we have a national reading day in 2003. They emphasized that people should read good books especially the classic ones. Through reading, people can learn better how to be grateful, responsible and cooperative. The goal of education is to cultivate these basic personalities. Reading is especially important for middle and primary school students. Suppose they dont nurture the interest of reading at that key moment, it will be harder to develop a habit to read books.


  Suppose a foreign friend of yours is coming to visit your hometown/campus/China. Where would you show her and why?

  As one of the most bewitching and international cities in China, I strongly recommend you, my dearest friends, to pay a visit to my hometown-Beijing. It is the capital of China for several dynasties over a long period. In the meantime, it has now evolved into the political, cultural and educational center.There are many places of interests here in Beijing, among which the Summer Palace is the most interesting attraction.

  The Summer Palace is situated in the western outskirts of Beijing, and it is one of the most classical gardens in China, which enjoys a worldwide reputation. The most alluring scenery is Kunming Lake, with an exquisite building in the middle, and it involves three parts which are mainly used as the ancient empress’s living quarter.

  I’m sure you can definitely experience the characteristic and traditional culture of China. Hope you could enjoy your trip!